Industrial equipment

Busbar production equipment

Rodstein is a supplier of the world’s most efficient busbar manufacturing technologies. The servo-electric solutions challenge hydraulic machines, with outstanding energy efficiency and production speed, with automatic tool-change options simply not available elsewhere in the market.

Heating equipment

Polartherm Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of air heaters for construction, agriculture and warehouses, aviation hangars, heating of aircrafts.

All equipment is made from high quality components which guarantee long-term and uninterruptive operation.

Welding equipment

Welding machines
Plasma cutting
Equipment for contact welding
Autonomous welding units
Other equipment

Construction and road equipment

Road equipment
Equipment for beton works
Equipment for steel works
Equipment for floor installation
Sandblasting and abrasive equipment
Stone processing equipment

Generators and power stations

Gasoline generators
Inverter generators
Portable diesel generators
Open-type diesel generator sets
Diesel generator sets in a casing
Autonomous welding generators

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